Image Analysis System for Quantitative Immunofluorescence Measurement

  • 2002
  • September
  • Page 19

Yuri M. Kolesnik, Maxim A. Orlovsky

Dept of Pathophysiology, Zhaporozhye State Medical University, Ukraine

Monday, June 10, 2013 - 10:30

Immunofluorescence methods for hormone-containing cells exposure are widely used but the quantitative nature of the immunostaining is frequently ignored. In this study, quantitative measurements of fluorescent pancreatic beta-cells before and after glucose stimulation were used to determine parameters characterizing insulin synthesis and secretory activity. Beta-cells in Wistar rats pancreatic islets were stained using indirect immunohistochemistry, with subsequent processing on image analysis systems. The presence of three independent beta-cell classes with different insulin synthesis and secretion activity was shown by subsequent cluster analysis and confirmed by changes in insulin blood level.

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