Thermo Scientific reveals 'ColorSEM'


Rebecca Pool

Friday, May 10, 2019 - 11:00
A live colour image providies elemental information of a fracture in a ceramic sample.  [Thermo Scientific]
Thermo Fisher Scientific has launched ColorSEM that allows researchers to instantly view and analyse meaningful elemental content, differentiated by colour, directly from a SEM.
The technology includes integrated elemental analysis with colour imaging and produces live colour images directly within the simplified SEM user interface without switching to conventional Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy (EDS) analysis or another user interface. 
According to the company, ColorSEM allows users to generate more complete information from their samples, can be less intimidating for inexperienced users, and can increase productivity compared to current techniques.
ColorSEM from Thermo Fisher Scientific
"Like the move from black and white to colour televisions, this solution will make greyscale SEM images a thing of the past," says Mike Shafer, president of materials and structural analysis at Thermo Fisher Scientific.
"Immediate access to colourised elemental information means our customers can see differences they may have otherwise missed in regular SEM imaging and provides users of all experience levels with more intuitive information that can propel their research forward," he adds.
Easier SEM analysis
By integrating the SEM and EDS into one imaging technique, ColorSEM promises to increase productivity and eliminates the need to move from one UI to another.
According to Thermo Fisher Scientific, the faster, easier-to-use process makes it possible for academic institutions to accommodate more researchers within a single multi-user lab with a higher throughput.
Novel algorithms map different hues onto a SEM image, so users can see true elemental content, differentiated by colour, instantly.
Live colour image providing elemental information of a fracture in a ceramic sample. Imaged with Thermo Scientific Prisma E SEM with ColorSEM technology.
Greyscale SEM imaging lacks elemental composition information but the elemental content produced using ColorSEM is automatically generated with differentiated colours, allowing users to immediately see defects or tell features apart in a sample area.
ColorSEM will be available in the fourth quarter of 2019. 
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