Piezosystem jena unveils digital piezo controller

Wednesday, January 9, 2019 - 10:00
Image: Latest digital piezo controller from piezosystem jena.
Piezosystem jena has expanded its portfolio of innovative digital piezo controllers.
Designed primarily for labs and industrial customers, the 24DV40 controller is said to be the perfect fit for quasi-static and dynamic step positioning.
The controller can operate actuators with a control voltage of -20 V to +130 V and an output current of 40 mA.
The 24DV40 also supports actuators based on piezosystem jena’s NanoX technology, where it can generate a current of 2 x 40 mA.
The new compact controller has a 16-bit resolution and guarantees high positioning accuracy, combined with very low electronic noise.
Users can connect the controller via the integrated USB 2.0 interface.
The 24DV40 is compatible to all digital actuators (D-actuators) from piezosystem jena.
The automatic sensor recognition (ASI) allows the quick change of actuators, without additional adjustments to the setup.
The 24DV40 can be used with actuators equipped with either strain gauge or capacitive sensors, as well as with actuators without measurement system.
A digital PID controller is integrated in the control.
The user can change the values according to his current setup himself.
According to the company, a low-pass filter and a slew rate limiter are also very useful features for numerous applications.
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