Olympus launches X Line objectives

Friday, June 7, 2019 - 12:15
Olympus has launched its next-generation X Line objectives with ultra-thin lenses that enable the objectives to simultaneously boost numerical aperture, flatness and chromatic correction.
According to the company, the latest objective provide exceptional image quality for researchers and clinicians alike.
High and uniform image quality across the entire field of view benefits accurate diagnoses, large FOV imaging, multicolour imaging, image stitching and quantitative image analysis.
Olympus uses a 'breakthrough polishing technique' to produce the ultra-thin lenses that overcome the trade-off between numerical aperture, flatness and chromatic correction.
The polishing method is used to deliver the X Line objectives as well as UPLAPO-HR objectives, plan-corrected apochromat objectives with a NA of 1.5 for total internal reflection fluorescence microscopy and super resolution applications. 
The ultra-thin lenses at the core of X Line objectives produce NAs up to 1.45.
X Line objectives are able to combine these high NAs with a chromatic aberration correction range of 400–1000 nm and excellent image flatness.
Ensuring broad compatibility with different systems, X Line objectives provide these benefits without changing the mount or parfocalizing distance, making it easy to upgrade this easily overlooked part of a microscope.
Meanwhile, the UPLAPO-HR objectives are said to be the only plan-corrected apochromat objectives on the market with a NA of 1.5.
This combination promises to create bright, high-resolution images that also have the high flatness essential for TIRF and super resolution applications, providing high-quality imaging as well as reliable data for accurate calculations.
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