M&M 2017 Video Round-up

Wednesday, August 30, 2017 - 13:15

The 2017 M&M Meeting is over, but that doesn't mean you have missed our coverage of what was a fabulous meeting. Below are a series of videos from manufacturers on the show floor who took the time to record a short video about what was new and on display in the exhibition. 

I hope you find them informative and that they peak your interest to explore more and what the content of the videos may mean for your work

Alessandra Forcucci - Leica Microsystems


David Wall - ThermoFisher


Emile Asselbergs - PhenomWorld


James Sagar - Oxford Instruments


Justin Kraft - J Kraft


Katherine - Cameca


Leah Lavery & Erik Lauridsen - Carl Zeiss & Xnovo Technologies


Steve Reynjens - ThermoFisher


Vern Robertson - JEOL USA


Pat Trimby - Oxford Instruments


David Foord - ThermoFisher


This comples the video round-up. I hope you found the videos interesting and maybe learned something new about the latest developments that can enhance your work

Chris Parmenter, Editor, M&A



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