McPherson unveils utraviolet spectroscopy workstations

Thursday, January 9, 2020 - 12:45
Image: McPherson is now shipping systems that deliver tunable energies of light to materials under test in vacuum. 
McPherson has released two new deep UV spectroscopy workstations to facilitate teaching and experimentation in vacuum and ultraviolet physics.
The workstations are ideal for spectroscopy experiments in the vacuum ultraviolet regime, potentially advancing quantum information science and engineering. 
There are two experimental kits available; diagnostic and analytical.
The diagnostic system equips the spectrometer with a sensitive CCD detector that can be used to measure spectral emission of laser interaction, high harmonic generation, plasma formation, luminescence, fluorescence and more.
The analytical system comes with a tunable deep UV light source, rather than the CCD detector, and is ready to explore the photoelectric effect. The configuration is also good for measuring transmission, photocathode response and reflection. 
Key features of these workstations include a versatile and easy to use spectrometer, filters, open concept high-vacuum sample chamber with built in optical breadboard, and easy to use vacuum pumping system.
Systems may also have a deep UV light source and/or sensitive CCD detector.
The McPherson spectroscopy workstations allow users to assemble a complete system and design interesting experiments.
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