Linkam releases update to cryo-stage

Thursday, November 21, 2019 - 15:30
Linkam has launched an latest update to its cryo-stage for correlative microscopy; CMS196V 3.
The CMS196V 3 is a cryo-correlative microscopy system enabling the full workflow of Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy (CLEM).
It is ideal for the correlation of high resolution structural information with biochemical processes within cells.
The latest model can be integrated with a wide range of research grade upright microscopes, offers enhanced sample stability for cryo-imaging, improved sample handling and reduced sample contamination.
The CMS196V 3 maintains the vitrified state of the sample by means of liquid nitrogen cooling and provides proven capabilities to safely handle and transfer cryo-samples and image them with optical microscopy.
Samples are kept free of contamination at all times due to active self-cleaning via the liquid nitrogen cold trap.
The integrated, encoded, motorised XY stage enables coordinate mapping required to locate the same sample position in the fluorescence microscope, as well as in the EM.
The chamber top-up keeps samples vitrified at a constant –196°C, reducing photo bleaching and maintaining structural integrity of samples.
The sample cassette holder can hold up to 3 grids and ensures contamination-free sample loading, storage and transfer.
Cassettes are available for different grid types including FEI, Planchette, Bessey, Polara and custom designs.
Optional Liquid Nitrogen autofill can extend the use of the system for up to 6 hours, unattended.
The LINK software for the CMS196V 3 provides control and monitoring of the system.
When combined with the optional high sensitivity camera and imaging module, LINK enables fully automated, tiled, image capture.
The system produces a single, tiled, image of the full EM grid at high resolution. This can then be used to navigate the sample and save co-ordinates of areas of interest.
A full SDK is available for users to develop and integrate control of the CMS196V 3 into their own
Support for the CMS196 V 3 is is also provided with Zeiss ZEN, Nikon NIS-Elements software as well LabVIEW.
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