iF Awards recognise Olympus' smart microscope design

Wednesday, April 19, 2017 - 20:30
Olympus Scientific Solutions Division has received two iF design awards for its CX23 upright microscope and FLUOVIEW FV3000 confocal laser scanning microscope.
The iF design awards celebrate the best in user-focused, ergonomic and efficient design, with this year's winners selected from more than 5,000 submissions, across 70 countries.
Focused on improving workflows for educational and routine microscopy, the CX23 features a compact design and updates to improve portability, usability and security.
According to Olympus, the low weight (5.9 kg) and stable metal frame of the CX23 make it a robust and cost-effective choice for use in the field as well as for use in an educational setting.
The fast and accurate FLUOVIEW FV3000 confocal microscope for detailed live cell and tissue imaging features exceptional resolution, sensitivity and speed, claims the company.
Its design is said to feature an intuitive software interface that makes some of the most difficult challenges in modern science easy; enabling even novice users to generate high-quality data and images.
As described by a jury member on the iF design awards website: “When a product receives an iF award, it really stands for something: it stands for a clear intention and a quality of execution, a quality of materials, a quality of thinking.”
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