Hitachi High-Technologies launches SEMs for large specimens

Thursday, April 11, 2019 - 16:15
Image: Hitachi SU3800
Hitachi High-Technologies has delivered the SU3800 and the oversized SU3900 scanning electron microscopes featuring the ability to accommodate large, heavy specimens, along with advanced functionalities for automated measurement and wide-angle camera navigation.
SEM applications are expanding more rapidly than ever, requiring analysis of specimens of greater size and weight, such as materials from mining or automotive-related industries.
Specimens of this nature push stage limits beyond previous capacity, making it necessary to cut or further process before imaging.
This restriction has given rise to demand for the ability to observe samples without reducing their size.
Furthermore, SEMs are increasingly a key component for quality assurance and production control, in addition to their conventional applications in research and development.
As a result, modern SEMs must be highly versatile and easy to use for all experience levels.
To address these needs, Hitachi High-Technologies now provides a novel solution with the SU3800/SU3900.
Advanced automation functions including auto start, wide-angle camera navigation with stitching, and auto algorithms enable high-throughput, easy-to-use systems for both new and experienced operators.
The oversized SU3900 features a specimen chamber/stage configuration with ability to accommodate a 300 mm sample diameter and loading capacity up to 5 kg.
This allows for easy observation of very large samples without the need to cut or process prior to imaging.
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