Field-free analytical UHR-SEM from Tescan

Wednesday, October 9, 2019 - 12:15
The new Tescan Clara is described as a field-free analytical UHR-SEM for nanoscale materials characterisation, bringing improved potential for analytical techniques.
Based on Tescan's BrightBeam technology, the instrument offers improved imaging resolution and maximum signal collection at low landing energies.
Automatic beam optimisation across the full energy and probe current range ensures the smallest spot size even at high currents and low beam energies, simultaneously providing improved imaging resolution, high spatial resolution analytical results and high analytical throughput.
A short application note illustrates SEM and EBSD analysis of the grain structure after ECAP process of the aluminium material, demonstrating the potential of the UHR-SEM to analyse fine structured material with very small grains.
Left: Channeling contrast of the sample treated by 8 steps of ECAP. Right: Channeling contrast combined with the sample surface topography information of the sample treated by 8 steps of ECAP.
The electron channelling imaging technique and EBSD method were used to demonstrate the capabilities to analyse small details at high beam currents.
Access the application note here.
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