Diamond reveals Thermo Fisher cryo-TEMs


Rebecca Pool

Thursday, September 13, 2018 - 14:30
Image: The Krios cryo-TEM is a key instrument at eBIC [Diamond]
The two organisations will provide cryo-EM guidance in sample preparation, cryo-EM sample screening, and high-end data collection to industrial researchers.
"Access to 21st century scientific tools to push the boundaries of scientific research is essential for both academia and industry, and what we have created here at Diamond is truly unique in the world in terms of size and scale," highlights Professor Dave Stuart, Life Sciences Director at Diamond and MRC Professor of Structural Biology at the University of Oxford, Department of Clinical Medicine. 
"The new centre offers the opportunity for almost real-time physiology, capturing proteins in action at cryo-temperatures by flash-freezing them at various stages," he adds. "[We have] an integrated facility for structural biology, which will accelerate R&D for both industry and academic users."
The collaboration with Thermo Fisher will further expand Diamond’s cryo-EM offerings by providing two new dedicated microscopes and professional cryo-EM services designed exclusively for the pharmaceutical industry.
The new microscopes will add to Diamond’s four existing high-end microscopes, which are starting operation within eBIC and will continue to support the academic demand. 
Access to both a Glacios cryo-TEM and a Krios cryo-TEM at one location will optimise productivity and time-to-result because of the designed-in connectivity between the two instruments.
Scientists will be able to first pre-screen samples on the Glacios cryo-TEM to find the best quality samples before advancing to the higher resolution imaging on the Krios cryo-TEM.
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