Benchtop plasma cleaner supports two TEM specimen rods

Thursday, August 24, 2017 - 20:30
Image: PIE Scientific’s Tergeo-EM RF benchtop plasma cleaner
Labtech International has introduced PIE Scientific’s Tergeo-EM RF benchtop plasma cleaner, which has been upgraded to support two TEM specimen rods at the same time.
As the company highlights, there is now no need to swap rod adapters to accommodate TEM rods from different manufacturers.
The Tergeo-EM is a fully automatic, bench top plasma cleaner specifically designed for TEM and SEM  specimen cleaning applications.
The stainless steel adapter accepts two TEM specimen rods from all the current TEM manufacturers - plus an optional adapter to allow simultaneous cleaning of three specimen rods.
The chamber door has two viewing ports to allow process observation.
The system features “specimen friendly” low intensity pulse mode – ideal for TEM applications. 
Included as standard are both downstream and immersion plasma cleaning modes.
For TEM specimen rod cleaning downstream mode ensures gentle specimen and rod cleaning.  
Extending the flexibility of the Tergeo-EM, its immersion mode is useful for many non-EM processes, such as high speed etching and surface modification.
Another key advantage of the Tergeo-EM is the integrated, patent-pending RF plasma sensing technology.
Plasma strength is measured quantitatively and displayed in real time.
The operator can use the plasma strength data as feedback to adjust gas flow rates and RF power to give desired cleaning speeds - ensuring repeatable and consistent results for users with beginner or expert levels of experience.
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