Meeting Report - MMC2014


This summer’s big meeting season got off with a bang in the form of Microscience Microscopy Congress (MMC 2014), hosted by the Royal Microscopical Society, in association with the Electron Microscopy Analysis Group of the Institute of Physics. The Manchester Central venue proved popular with both delegates and exhibitors for EMC 2012 two years previously and there was an air of excitement as the 1350 attendees gathered for the 2014 return visit. The event organisers report that there were 592 delegates and 758 exhibition attendees from 30th June – 3rd July.

M&A’s editors Dr Julian Heath and Chris Parmenter were there to soak up the atmosphere at this eagerly anticipated meeting, and to meet readers and exhibitors and find out their latest developments.

M&A Editors at the welcome event between lectures at the opening reception

This year’s meeting incorporated a combined total of 11 pre-congress workshops and one day meetings, including Lightsheet, ImageJ and Super resolution workshops, an interdisciplinary LM and EM meeting, FIB&EM meeting and Frontiers in Bioimaging meeting. Additionally Tuesday afternoon, Leica published their imaging report at an event with panel Dr Patrick Dixon, Prof Jason Swedlow, Dr Paul Verkade, which was chaired by M&A’s very own Dr Julian Heath.

The exhibition floor hosted in excess of 95 international exhibitor stands, as well as the ever popular RMS learning zone, where delegates and exhibition attendees were invited discover more about the instruments or to attend a variety of seminars on topics including: introduction to confocal and TEM, or how to get the most of out of your SEM.

A delegate getting hands-on at the RMS learning zone, aided by one of the many RMS volunteers.

The scientific programme covered a wide range of areas, disciplines and types of microscopy, covering physical science, life sciences and instrumental themes. For the first time, the conference also incorporated the biennial EMAG (Electron Microscopy Analysis Group) meeting; an arrangement which is set to continue for future MMC conferences.

The conference opened with addresses from the RMS President, Prof Pete Nellist (Oxford University, UK) and the Hon Secretary, Prof Rik Drummond-Brydson (University of Leeds, UK). The opening plenary speaker was Prof Ondrej Krivanek, who told us how he designed his first EELS detector, built his own STEM, founded the Nion company and how his present work is pushing the boundaries of <20 mEV EELS spectra. This gripping lecture showed exactly how much can be achieved in a career and exactly why the RMS would be honouring him with an honorary fellowship.

Prof Ondrej Krivanek signs the roll of RMS honorary fellows with President Prof Peter Nellist.

Following the lecture there was a welcome event, which provided an opportunity to meet up with old friends and meet some new ones. Next came the second of the plenary lectures, this time by Prof Mike Sheetz. Prof Sheetz gave a fascinating insight into the way cells move in response to the surfaces they are on. He demonstrated exactly how it was possible to observe the nanoscale movements of cells and the necessary tools to do this with.

Mike Sheetz delivers plenary talk about how to observe cells moving on the nanoscale.

Throughout the meeting there were further plenary speakers, all of whom were awarded honorary fellowships. Those honoured were Prof Ondrej Krivanek (President Nion Corp and Adjunct Professor, Arizona State University, USA) , Dr Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz (NIH, USA), Prof Mike Sheetz (Columbia University, USA), Prof Ernst Stelzer (Buchman Institute for Molecular Life sciences, Germany), Prof Flemming Besenbacher (Aarhus University, Denmark), Prof Mildred Dresselhaus (MIT, USA) and Dr John Hutchison (Oxford University, UK).

Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz describing her cutting-edge approaches to cellular microscopy


Poster prizes

There were daily poster sessions covering the physical science, life science and scanning probe microscopy. The winners were as follows:

Tuesday Session


Physical Science

1st Prize

Katherine MacArthur - Quantification of PtIr catalyst nanoparticles using HAADF STEM

2nd Prize

Tim Pennycook - Maximum efficiency phase contrast imaging in scanning transmission electron


Life Science

1st Prize

William Pitkeahly - Chromatic correction for diffractive based multi-plane four dimensional microscopy

2nd Prize

Romain Laine - Optical nanoscopy of Herpes Simplex Virus-1 assembly - a study of the virus structure at the nanometre scale

Wednesday Session


Physical Science

1st Prize

Florencia Wisnivesky - Electron microscopy study of ZnO-based hybrid solar cells

2nd Prize

Nan Jian - Atomic structure investigation of Au55(PPh3)12Cl6 the Schmid cluster by High Angle Annular Dark Field Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy

Life Science

1st Prize

Louise Hughes - Three dimensional printing can facilitate the interpretation of SBFSEM, FIBSEM and tomography data

2nd Prize

Vincent Recamier - Intracellular single particle tracking, quantifying movement and function

SPM Poster Prize

Angelica Bartoletti - A novel approach to parchment damage assessment at the nanoscale

Microscopy and Analysis are pleased to announce that the winners will be offered the opportunity to publish their work in future issues of M&A in 2015.

Banquet at the Old Trafford

Smiles all round from former RMS Presidents Tony Wilson and Mark Rainforth and RMS events director Alison Winton, at the Old Trafford banquet

One of the advantages of holding the meeting in Manchester is the potential for conference dinner venues. This time the banquet was at the Old Trafford cricket ground. As the pictures from the night can attest, it was enjoyed by all the attendees and there was even the dancing we’ve come to expect from these events!

Full details of the proceedings, can be found on the website,uk. The next MMC will be in 2015 in Manchester (, after which the MMC meetings are also set to move to odd years to avoid clashing with European (EMC) or International (IMC) conferences.



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