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Just ahead of this year’s M&M I thought I’d write a short piece on our venue for the week. 

I’m sure you have heard the phrase ‘Meet me in St Louis’ used frequently recently, which comes from the film of the same name starring Judy Garland. Over and above this cinematographic gem, I knew nothing about St Louis, but with a short trip around the Googlesphere I’ve discovered that St Louis is a treasure in what can be referred to as the ‘mid-west’. The explore St Louis website is absolutely stuffed with information about the city, its attractions and things to see and do, so I’ve picked out a few to share with you. I’ve also included the link to a handy little map of the downtown area


1.       One of the major emblems of the city has to be the Gateway Arch that represents the gateway to the west of America. St Louis is in fact known as the ‘gateway city’ and you can get a great view from the top of this 630 foot steel structure


2.       Busch Stadium, is home of the St Louis Cardinals, who are the city’s 11 time world-champion baseball team.


3.       St Louis has a fine brewing heritage; was this a factor in the selection of the venue for M&M? I guess we’ll never know, but if you are keen to learn more about St Louis’s part in history and brewing, then check out the link here


4.       From June to Mid-August the Whitaker Jazz Festival will be on at the Missouri Botanical Garden Entry is free and features a variety of local artists performing after-hours concerts in the lush surroundings of the Missouri Botanical Garden.


5.       If Jazz isn’t your thing, there is the National Blues Museum, located on the same street as conference center.


6.       If you haven’t had enough science, you might go to the St Louis Science Center which boasts a four story Omnimax cinema, animatronic T-Rex and 700 hands-on exhibits.


7.       We all have to eat, and the city is not short of places to satisfy any hunger that you might have. I’m not going to list a whole load of restaurants, but some of the highlights are Ted Drewes frozen custard something called a ‘Buttercake’ and deep fried toasted ravioli, which can be found at one of the many Italian restaurants that the city offers.   


8.       Discover some history at the Old Courthouse or the Missouri History Museum or visit the home of Scott Joplin famous for ragtime music. There is also the recently restored (in 2012) central city public library.


9.       For more culture, there are also collections of art, ranging from sculpture and oil paintings to charcoal drawings and photography at the St. Louis Art Museum. Something more contemporary? Why not try the Contemporary Art Museum of St. Louis or a collection of contemporary art resides in the Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum. Don’t forget about music at the Saint Louis Symphony.


10.   If art isn’t your thing there is a collection of rare and vintage motorcycles at the Moto Museum, or explore the history, mechanics and design of the cart and buggy, planes, trains or anything else with wheels at the St. Louis Museum of Transportation. If you’d rather be behind the wheel don’t miss Pole Position Raceway for indoor carting action.


For a full searchable list or the 25 things to do in St Louis, I’ve included the links. All things considered, St Louis seems to have something for everyone outside of the time you’ll spend at M&M in the America’s Center – I hope to see some of you on my way around the conference and if you’re able please pop around and see us on the Wiley / Microscopy & Analysis stand.


Chris Parmenter

Editor, Microscopy & Analysis

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