EMC 2016 - to be here, to be together, to be microscopy!

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We’re just a day or so away from the 16th EMC meeting in Lyon which will see microscopists from all over Europe and beyond congregate for this 4 yearly meeting. After the impression left by the previous EMC in Manchester, I’m really excited about what will be on show at EMC 2016.

I’ve no doubt that the scientific programme that has been planned will lead to new insight and new ideas, growth of innovative collaborations and the renewal of old friendships.

According to the organisers there are 31 symposia in the major fields of the 3 main symposiums (Life Sciences, Instrumentation and Methods, Materials Science), 9 special workshops, round tables or users group meetings (all well described on the web site). There should be around 300 speakers selected from almost 1300 abstracts received from 49 countries (among which more than 20 outside Europe) with the remainder exhibited as nearly 1000 posters. If you haven’t already, then I suggest you get the full overview of the conference and download it or get the app.

As always there will be plenary talks from Eric Betzig, Bram Koster, Nadine Peyrieras, Frances Ross, Johan Verbeek and Hirofumi Yamada (quite a line-up!) who I’m sure will present their work covering electron, photon and probe microscopies applied to both Materials and Life Sciences. EMC2016 is the largest European microscopy conference not only because the number of participants, but also because of its exhibition, with almost 100 companies showing their latest development. The organisers also draw our attention to what they describe as ‘a partnership with a bank of investment to highlight innovative and high technology activities of start-ups preparing the future of microscopy by exploring new directions’. I’m not entirely sure what that all means, but I’m intrigued to find out!

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What about the city of Lyon itself? Well, it is described as ‘a pleasant and dynamic metropole’ and was voted third on the “Best places to live in France”. The city has rich history and its culture (a city listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site). This is thanks to the following:

·         Europe’s largest area of Renaissance architecture, Roman and modern architecture,

·         The cradle of Cinema thanks to the invention of the Lumière brothers, since 1985,

·         Numerous festivals during the year: the Biennial Dance and Contemporary Art Festivals, the Lyon Light Festival, the Cinema Festival,

·         Several chefs with stars in the Michelin Guide and the world renowned and convivial "bouchons lyonnais"

To add to this the conference dinner is in the contemporary former sugar warehouse "La Sucrière" on Thursday Sept. 1st, where the attendees will to enjoy and discover the Giordano collection, one of the most exhaustive ensembles of historical microscopes at the Musée des Confluences. One thing to remember about the EMC meetings, if you do go to the banquet, enjoy the dancing – it is legendary!

The official EMC flyer. Copyright Michael Stringer

EMC 2016 takes place from 28th August – 2nd September at the Lyon Convention Centre, in the heart of the city lying between th e Rhône and the Parc de la Tête d’Or. For full details on how to get there follow this link. If you are attending, please come and visit us on booth 15 – I look forward to meeting you in Lyon!

Dr Chris Parmenter, Editor, M&A

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