C Parmenter | 05 August, 2017
  Just ahead of this year’s M&M I thought I’d write a short piece on our venue for the week. 
C Parmenter | 20 June, 2017
This content is a sponsored blog post by the Royal Microscopical Society The Microscience Microscopy Congress, mmc2017 is now only two weeks away and the free exhibition with its...
C Parmenter | 20 April, 2017
This is a sponsored blog on behalf of MMC 2017 Late Breaking Poster Submission to mmc2017 closes on Friday 15 May.
C Parmenter | 14 February, 2017
This content originally appeared in the Jan 2017 issue and is a sponsored blog Ultramicroscopy is a light-sheet illumination based system designed to image specimens of millimetre...
C Parmenter | 27 August, 2016
We’re just a day or so away from the 16th EMC meeting in Lyon which will see microscopists from all over Europe and beyond congregate for this 4 yearly meeting. After the...
C Parmenter | 10 July, 2016
A wet, typical spring day in central London saw over 200 delegates visit Imperial College for a comprehensive look at the world of photonics. The roadshow is made up of three...
C Parmenter | 07 September, 2015
On 19th July, I travelled to London to attend the 150th anniversary meeting of the Quekett Microscopy Club. The group who describe themselves as ‘enthusiastic amateurs’ certainly...
C Parmenter | 17 June, 2015
This year’s Focus on Microscopy (FOM) took place from 29th March until 2nd April at the Lokhalle in the historic city of Göttingen, Germany and M&A editor Chris Parmenter was...
C Parmenter | 04 August, 2014
On Monday 30th June, Chris Parmenter attended a cross-disciplinary electron and light microscopy meeting, prior to this year’s very successful MMC2014
C Parmenter | 22 July, 2014
They say ‘No man is an island’ and ‘you gotta have friends!’ and as scientists we are no exception. Frequently, scientists are portrayed as lacking social skills and some non-...
C Parmenter | 22 June, 2014
It’s June, the sun is out (today at least) and for those of us in the UK we’re planning and looking forward to the first of this year’s three big summer microscopy meetings.
C Parmenter | 10 March, 2014
A particle sizing tool for the analysis of sub-micron particles
C Parmenter | 06 February, 2014
Today I want to, no, I need to talk about a matter that I’m sure we all encounter.
M Toso | 04 September, 2013
The translation of two dimensions into three dimensions has always been a crux in biology. Life exists in three dimensions, and order to fully grasp the totality of biology it...
C Parmenter | 01 September, 2013
A few weeks ago, some colleagues and I were talking about which conferences we’d be attending this season. I was startled by one of their comments...
M Toso | 16 August, 2013
No one doubts that light microscopy has come a long way since the 16th century. The first known compound microscopes were built by Zacharias and Hans Janssen. None of these...
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